Oxy - Hydrogen Generators

   "Hydrogen fuel" is assumed to be the fuel of the future. The Epoch Generators, which generate Oxygen and Hydrogen, have the following advantages:

The Epoch  "Oxy-Hydrogen Generator" derives fuel directly from soft, clean water and a small amount of electricity, generating a fuel that has better heat concentration and less radiation than with other gas fuels.
It eliminates the existing dangers of today's gas transportation and tank storage. Specifically, the Epoch Oxy-Hydrogen Generators  assure safe, high quality work in metal cutting, soldering and welding, glass processing, jewelry processing, the food and beverage industry, boilers and kilns, incinerators, dual-fuel systems and many other applications. 

.  Meets and Exceeds ecology and environmental requirementsThe gas produced by Epoch generators are burned without smoke and carbon monoxide.No pollution, toxins and public nuisance won't be generated and they are designed for industrial and commercial use, as well as households.
Epoch has developed Oxy-Hydrogen Generators with pateneted technology  to replace the use of acetylene, propane and other fuel gases.
.  Meets ans Exceeds Standards of Safety

Multiple safety devices built-in to avoid  insufficient water or insufficient coolant, overheating turns Off   the machine automatically to ensure the safety of equipment and user.
Economy and practicality
Requires only easily accessible soft water and a small amount of electric power. The fuel produced is  widely applied, replacing traditional dangerous gases including LPG and acetylene.
Most of the existing equipment can be used with the Epoch Oxy-Hydrogen Generators.
High Mobility
The generator size is appropriate for its job, and to facilitate the mobility.The generators are installed with wheels.
.  Easy Start up
Consistent torch what the the energy is available as soon as the machine is turned On. 
NO Heat Waste
Eliminates heat waste and radiation. Maintaining a consistent working environment, thus preventing operator fatigue due to radiant heat. This can reduce operating costs and accidents.

.  Environmental Friendly
It eliminates the existing dangers of today's gas transportation and tank storage.

Welding and Soldering
Metal Cutting 
Food Processing
Residential Stove One Burner
Residential and Commercial Stove Two Burners
Glass Processing
Jewelry Manufacturing
Beverage Industry
Dental Industry
Dual Fuel Systems for Cars    
Dual Fuel Systems for Buses
Dual Fuel Systems for Trucks