What about cleaning the carbon buildup inside the cylinders and  valves of your the engine?
Using less the 16oz (0.5liter) of water and spending only $ 0.03 of electricity our EP-350B Carbon Cleaning System removes carbon buildup, improves the efficiency of any engine and reduces the consumption and emissions.
The engine runs more smoothly, with more low-end power and cleaner, extending its life.
The EP-350B Carbon Cleaning System is safe, clean, and easy to use and gives you virtually instant results that you will feel in the moment you drive away.
Our simple, low cost method can be used for all gasoline or Diesel motor vehicles world-wide.
It takes only 40 min after connecting the EP-350B and running the engine in Idle and a 220V AC power cord.
And what about starting a mobile business using the EP-350B Carbon Cleaning System performing the job in almost everywhere.
Production: 900l/h
Single Phase 220VAC
Current: 12A
Power: 2.6kW
Working Pressure:7 lb/pol2
Water Consumption: Auto 0.8l/h
Dimensions: 16 x 51 x 36pol
Weight: 344lb